Our API allows you to retrieve informations from our website via GET request and supports the following query parameters:

a (required)This parameter specify the type of the query, user is for profile informations, answer is for answer informations.
q (required)The a parameter supports two values:
  • user => username [returns basic user informations containing the following]
    • id = returns the user Unique Id
    • username = returns the Username
    • full_name = returns the Name
    • stats = returns a list with stats
    • location = returns the location
    • images = returns a list with profile images
    • cover = returns the profile cover image
    • verified = returns 1 if user profile is verified or 0 if isn't verified
  • answer => id [returns details about an answer, based on answer id]
    • id = returns the Message Unique Id
    • post_url = returns the answer URL
    • lang = returns the Language short code
    • like_count = returns the number of likes
    • photo_url = returns the answer photo URL (if any)
    • animated_photo = returns true if the photo is a GIF image

Examples of requests:

For profile information from an user:

For informations about an answer:
An example of json decoding would be the following PHP code:

   header('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8;');
   $file = file_get_contents('http://askinger.net/api.php?a=user&q=USERNAME');